Saturday, January 4, 2014

Double Family Pictures

                                                        Boxing Day family family pictures!

                                                       Both families with all our kids!

Lee Lee wanted to change her clothes because she didn't like her outfit and we weren't very happy with her so we acted annoyed. But just for fun! And the picture turned out really funny!

            Our family picture. Not crazy about the formality of the positioning so we took another one.

                                                                          Much better.

                                                                 Our kids oldest to youngest.
                                                                             Clark 30
                                                                             Brad 28
                                                                             Sean 26
                                                                            Laurel 25
                                                                            Kelly 24
                                                                          Michelle 23
                                                                           Caleb 21
                                                                            Seth 19
                                                                            Neal 18

Our Best Christmas!

This was a big Christmas for us and so there are lots of pictures!! And I mean LOTS OF PICTURES.

Let's start December off with this "lovely" picture of Chris and I that was taken at the ward Christmas party.

These are some of my friends who I call "besties". I worked with them in YW and loved every minute.

 For Christmas this year Sean and Andrea were able to come and I can't even begin to tell you how great it was having them here.

And guess who else came? Kelly and Dallin! Yes. I HAD ALL OF MY KIDS HOME FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! It was the best! Kelly and Dallin surprised us and arrived early on Christmas Eve!

I emailed all the kids before Christmas including Andrea and Dallin and asked them what one treat they wanted me to make and this is what Sean requested. The Eagan chocolate cake. Here is what the rest wanted. Andrea: shortbread cookies, Kelly: turtles, Dallin: sugar cookies, Caleb: fudge, Seth: pumpkin pie from Safeway, Chris: butter tarts and I wanted ginger cookies and mint cookies. The baker maker get two picks. Ha ha!

                                                  Sean requested the cake so Sean got to cut it!

                               On the Monday before Christmas we went to the live nativity.

                                                                  Just look at those sheep!!

                                                             It was a little chilly that night.

     Chris and Sean discussing some welding.
                                                                        Christmas Eve dinner.

                                Making the turtles. It goes much faster with help that's for sure.

We played our fair share of games let me tell you! I was in heaven. Here we are playing Lucky Unders (my fav) but we also played, Sequence (not Sean's fav), Apples to Apples (Seth's fav) and Tripoley (Andrea's fav).

                     Christmas morning. Cinnamon buns a family tradition with juice and eggs.

                                                       Chris made this ukulele stand for me.

I had given Kelly a green lipstick that turns pink when you put it on your lips and lasted for 12 hours!

                                                      Halo tournament on Christmas Day.

                                                                 I have a puzzle partner!!

                                                                     The sweet counter!

On Boxing Day we went out to the Cahoon's for family day. First time in years that both families had everyone home at the same time. Laurel was taking the picture so she isn't in the picture. :(

                                                      Hey! You took my scarf lee Lee!

 Our father shot this bear in Alaska when Lee Lee and I were 2 years old. It is now at Lee Lee's home and before it goes up on the wall we thought we had better get a picture of us on it. That bear rug is 51 years old!

                                                                     At the Gun Range!

Another activity we did was Cross Country Skiing up in Waterton. It was a spectacular day! Getting ready to head out.

   Chilling on the couch with Potato.
                                                        Before church. Youngest and oldest.

                                  David and Daddy were together in St. George for the Holidays.

                                          This was suppose to be the last picture in this post.

 But I didn't want to leave this brother to brother moment out. We don't get many opportunities like this every day.

                This was the BEST Christmas we had had in years! I was one happy momma!!!!!!